The IMX Solutions team brings three skill sets together, focused on your business results:

  • Business process analysis.
  • Creative website designers and usability experts.
  • Software engineers and developers.

By having all these competencies in-house, IMX Solutions can not only provide options to help your business be more profitable today, but also the ability to execute plans to achieve your business goals.

IMX Solutions utilizes a hosted environment to develop and deliver solutions. By utilizing a web-based, or Software as a Service (SaaS), platform, IMX is able to offer existing robust features and functionality at a low cost entry point. Since all our systems are developed in-house by the IMX Solutions Team, your IMX Solution can continually evolve in both system functionality and scale in capacity to meet your ever-changing business needs today, and into the future.



Create and manage either one, or multiple ecommerce sites from one system. All of our ecommerce sites are custom designed, and allow for each site brand to reach the intended market.

A robust range of functionality is available, and IMX can customize a solution just for your business application.

If you are ready to hear ‘Yes we can’, email or call us today to set up an initial phone call to begin our Discovery Phase.

Order Management

Order Lifecycle Management & Automation

End-to-end process improvement.

From the initial keystrokes where data is created, to when a customer receives their order, our goal is to eliminate every manual step which adds no value, introduces unnecessary costs, and introduces the risk of human error.

The ROI (return on investment) is fast, and both you and your employees gain the freedom to spend time growing your business, not just running it daily.

Order Lifecycle Management Highlights:

  • All your business intelligence in one place – customers, products, orders, promotions, vendors, and more.
  • Control – This real-time integrated solution puts you in control of all the moving parts of your business, real-time!
  • Efficiency – eliminate rekeying data, phone calls, errors, time and overall costs
  • Customer satisfaction and retention – Make your system an asset to your customer service people to answer questions, and make the ordering process a direct customer benefit
Design & Development

Website Design & Development Solutions

Taking your brand to the internet with custom design and development that drives results

One of the most compelling benefits to IMX customers is that our team consists of both creative web designers and developers, and leading software engineers.

Our web design team invests time understanding your company’s brand, position in the marketplace, and audiences the site must attract. Once we understand you and your business, then our web designers create sites which achieve these main goals:

  • Attract and drive the right traffic.
  • Balance Usability with Design to communicate your brand.
  • Custom written sites to ensure the code behind the scenes meets the most current specifications from the various search engines like Google.


  • IMX invests time to understand your business.
  • Both front-end developers and back-end engineers on the same team.
  • Balance of usability and creativity with the focus on results.
  • Customization available with all coding done in-house.
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Leveraging our web-based solutions in unique ways to reach your business goals today.

Do you have some unique business needs, third-party systems you need to integrate with your new solution, or vision about how to use technology to outperform your competition?

Bring us your business opportunities / problems and we will work with you by leveraging our existing web-based solutions to create the unique solution to maximize your business growth and profitability.

Proprietary Systems

Proprietary Systems

Software systems designed and developed to your unique requirements.

Is your business model unique, and there is no “off the shelf” software that will enable you to take your business where it needs to go?

IMX Solutions engineering team works with our customers to create system strategies that will provide solutions today, and into the future as your company grows and evolves.